SEO for Carrd

SEO for Carrd

How Carrd builders can leverage SEO on their sites

You can easily set up Carrd sites for SEO best practice

Do you create landing pages for side projects in Carrd, then just hope they will rank in Google?

Marketing these is hard, so why not take a few extra steps to maximise your chances of organic discovery?

Even though landing pages don't tend to be big SEO performers (as they don't have lots of page content) it's still worth covering the basics of SEO, for better search visibility.

There are a number of ways you can do this in Carrd. Our mini guide explains how in 10 simple steps — covering content tweaks and Carrd settings changes.

Case study

We optimised one of our partner sites ( which is a single, short landing page on a Carrd subdomain.

  • Site is about 2 years old

  • No promotion or marketing

  • Only 1 backlink (our own)

The site has seen steady, compounding progress in SEO.

Page views

Page views since launch

Key search and visitor stats for February 2024

  • Clicks from Google: 160

  • Google impressions: 1,160

  • Average Google position: 6

  • Site visitors: 214

  • Page views: 225

Try our guide

You can follow the steps in this mini guide on Carrd SEO, which covers what you can do to improve search visibility.

SEO guide for Carrd

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